Luis Sequeira

Helping companies to build cloud-based solutions | Innovator and Research Enthusiast | Author


I am a versatile and forward-thinking Cloud Professional with a strong background in designing and optimizing scalable cloud solutions. Leading a great team to deliver cutting-edge infrastructure. Combining technical excellence with a passion for research and innovation. I have successfully spearheaded projects at the intersection of technology and creativity. Driving strategic initiatives, fostering collaboration, and ensuring the success of cloud-based projects within a dynamic and growth-focused organization.

I enjoy design and evaluation of cloud infrastructure and software solutions, implementation of technical show-cases, demonstrations and proof-of-concepts. At work, the main challenge is to integrate different network and software technologies to provide solution in a wide range of areas, e.g., virtual network functions, autonomous driving / connected vehicles, robotics, augmented reality and more recently in the quantum computing industry.

I love looking for solutions to engineering challenges, sharing knowledge, and also spending time with my family and cats.

selected publications


  1. IEEE
    Building a Lane Merge Coordination for Connected Vehicles Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
    Omar Nassef, Luis Sequeira, Elias Salam, and Toktam Mahmoodi
    IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Feb 2021


  1. IEEE
    The Making of 5G: Building an End-to-End 5G-Enabled System
    Idelkys Quintana-Ramirez, Anthony Tsiopoulos, Maria A. Lema, Fragkiskos Sardis, Luis Sequeira, James Arias, Aravindh Raman, Ali Azam, and Mischa Dohler
    IEEE Communications Standards Magazine, Dec 2018


  1. IEEE
    Building an SDN Enterprise WLAN Based on Virtual APs
    Luis Sequeira, Juan Luis Cruz, José Ruiz-Mas, Jose Saldana, Julián Fernandez-Navajas, and José Almodovar
    IEEE Communications Letters, Feb 2017